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APRIL 3–5, 202





Opening Night: April 2
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012


April 3-5, 2020
Opening Night: April 2

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

April 3 — 5, 2020


A selection of books planned to launch at the Fair, in alphabetical order according to Exhibitor name. Check back for more additions!

wild wild Wild West/Haunting of the Seahorse: Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Jerome Harris & jamal rashad

Artist Jonathan Lyndon Chase sits down with designer Jerome Harris and poet jamal rashad to discuss Jonathan’s latest book of experimental narratives, wild wild Wild West & Haunting of the Seahorse, published by Capricious, as well as the themes that surface: complex histories of Blackness, meditations on mental health, and Black queer futurity through the lens of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
︎︎︎ Link to Purchase

Virtual Studio Visit

Heather Benjamin, longtime exhibitor at Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs, shows us around her studio & talks about her recent projects and archive of zines! Her latest publication is ABANDON NIGHTMARE ENERGY.︎ Link to Purchase

Tell Me What You See Vanishing and I’ll Tell You Who You Are: A Walk Through the Garden at the Merwin Conservancy

Dale Zine is an independent printer, publisher, and cultural space in Miami, Florida. For LAABF 2020, they planned to launch Tell Me What You See Vanishing and I’ll Tell You Who You Are: A Walk Through the Garden at the Merwin Conservancy, written by Dave Landsberger and illustrated by Ben Marcus. The publication features the former poet laureate WS Merwin and his wife Paula’s palm garden in northern Maui, Hawai’i. Tell Me What You See Vanishing and I'll Tell you Who You Are: A Walk Through the Garden at the Merwin Conservancy explores the legacy of Merwin through his words and palms while considering arboriculture, invasive species, extinction, and the life of the surviving widower. In place of the LAABF 2020 launch, Dale Zine presents a virtual reading and discussion of the new publication with Dave Landsberger. ︎ Link to Purchase

Virtual Studio Visit with Can Can Press

Jackie Crespo and Gabino Azuela of Can Can Press show us around their studio! Can Can Press is a multidisciplinary art and design project and risograph press founded in 2017 and based in Mexico City. For LAABF 2020, Can Can Press planned to launch “Can Can Friends III,” a collaborative publication with Extra Vitamins, Zoran Pungerčar, Rewina Beshue, and Jo Minor. ︎ Link to Purchase

Reading to Sheep

Francis Van Maele and Antic-Ham run Redfoxpress in Achill Island, Ireland.  In their silkscreen studio on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, they work intensively in collaboration, publishing artists’ books and screen printed editions. Here is a video of the pair presenting their latest publications to a field of sheep. ︎ Link to Purchase

Virtual Studio Visit

Dutch risograph-based visual artist and longtime LAABF exhibitor, Sigrid Calon shows us her studio and talks about her process of printing and bookmaking. She shows us her vibrant new riso book of grids and patterns in 120 compositions; an homage to the grid’s endless possibilities and exciting potential.
︎ Link to Purchase

“TV Timeline” by Vickie Uyeda, with ECF Art Centers 

ECF Art Centers presents a new artist’s book by Vickie Uyeda, titled “TV Timeline.” Since 1968, the ECF Art Centers have provided adults with developmental disabilities a place to explore their creativity and freedom of expression. At ECF's five art studios located across Los Angeles County, ECF artists are encouraged to communicate their point of view via painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, and ceramics. ECF Art Centers was a first time exhibitor of the LA Art Book Fair in 2019. Use the link in our bio to watch the full video on Youtube. ︎ Link to Purchase

Upgrade Available, by Julia Christensen. Published by Dancing Foxes Press

For LAABF 2020, Dancing Foxes Press planned to launch Upgrade Available, by artist and writer Julia Christensen, whose work redefines the intersection of art, technology, and outer space. The volume documents an ongoing investigation by Christensen into “upgrade culture”—the notion that we need to constantly upgrade our electronics to remain relevant—and how this shifts our perception of time. In this video, Christensen explains the inspiration, encounters, and process of making this new book. [Video footage from Upgrade Available: Live and Illustrated, produced by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art / Art + Tech Lab, April 2020].︎ Link to Purchase

Likes, by Dan Graham. Published by 303inPrint. 
Do Doves Dream? and The Psychic Said “Blossoming,” by Aidan Koch.

BOKU, by Daido Moriyama. Published by Akio Nagasawa Publishing.

Always Felt, Rarely Seen, by Nathaniel Mary Quinn, and Still Life with Radio, Farah Atassi. Published by Almine Rech Editions.

13th Floor Elevators: A Visual History by Paul Drummond, and Death Magick Abundance by Akasha Rabut. Published by Anthology Editions.

From Static Oblivion, by Ion Grigorescu, and Hence / Here ... / Or / Option, by Peter Downsbrough. Published by AVARIE.

Replaying Life’s Tape, by Mariana Castillo Deball, and Infinite Progress, by Eamon Ore-Giron. Published by BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE. 

A Fervent Manifesto, published by Calipso Press. 

Can Can Friends III,  by Extra Vitamins, Zoran Pungerčar, Rewina Beshue and Jo Minor, and Similar High Hopes, by Nicholas Law, Ryan Barone, Juan Duque, Roy Cranston, Marc Moran, and Haris Fazlani. Published by Can Can Press. 

Issue 19, of Carla (Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles). 

Look At Us: Issue 4, and The Sexy Times: Issue 4. Published by Cash Machine.

To Think of Books, and Some Forms Atop Other Forms. Published by Christopher Branson. 

VIOLENCE GROWS: Cosey Fanni Tutti, Honey Bane, Margaret Thatcher, Vi Subversa, by Toby Mott. Published by Cultural Traffic.

Tell Me What You See Vanishing and I’ll Tell You Who, by Dave Landesberger, and Kitoko Penza, by Shane Sumbu. Published by Dale Zine. 

Upgrade Available, by Julia Christensen. Published by Dancing Foxes Press.

Minor Revelations, by Alyssa Fujita Karoui, and PERU by Linda Connor. Published by Datz Press. 

Rabbit / Hare, by David Billet & Ian Kline, Let Them Eat Cake, by Cheryl Dunn (special edition), and Entangled, by Maude Arsenault (special edition). Published by Deadbeat Club.

Reading Room, and Speed of Resin. Published by dispersed holdings. 

Type Specimens, by Susan Silton (print edition). Presented by East of Borneo.
Human Territoriality, by Roger Eberhard and MOM, by Charlie Engman. Published by Edition Patrick Frey. 

Plant Power Book. Published by Extra Vitamins.  
Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance 5th edition, and SIGNALING THE REFUSAL OF MASTERY AND AN INSISTENCE ON PROCESSING AND BECOMING. Published by GenderFail. 

The Moon Belongs to Everyone, by Stacy Mehrfar, Freedom or Death, by Gideon Mendel, and Retraced 81/19, by John Davies. Published by GOST Books.

Manny Farber: Paintings & Writings, Do You Compute? Selling Tech from the Atomic Age to the Y2K Bug 1950-1999 by Ryan Mungia, andAkikomatic: The Work of Akiko StehrenbergerMoby-Dick: Illustrated by Gilbert Wilson. Published by Hat & Beard Press.

Richard Jackson, with John C. Welchman and Dagny Janss Corcoran, and Charles Gaines: Palm Trees and Other Works, with David Platzker and Cherise Smith. Published by Hauser & Wirth Publishers.

BIRDS SINGING ON FRIDAY, published by Heidemarie von Wedel. 

Aesthetical Relations, by Christina Catherine Martinez, and Trans Girl Suicide Museum, by Hannah Baer. Published by Hesse Press.

Fight the Power (Special Edition), and HARDCORE XXX. Published by HOMOCATS.

NICE, published by Izabel Nielsen.

Shadow Trees, The Human Touch, and Spin, by Jody Zellen.

On Death, and Wig Heavier than Boot, by David Johnson and Phillip Matthews. Published by Kris Graves Projects.  
KV 10 Years, by Yana Foqué, Ginger & Piss #5: Audience, . Published by Kunstverein Publishing.

People of the Mud, by Luis Alberto Rodriguez. Published by Loose Joints. 
Why, La Vie 100 Soucis, Bonne Nuit Pauul,Larmes et Crustacés. Published by Margaux Bigou.

Trapper Keeper Series. Published by Mega Press.

The Halifax Conference, and Lucy Lippard: I See / You Mean. Published by New Documents. 

What Does a COVID-19 Doula Do?Published by ONE Archives, with What Would an HIV Doula Do?

Spring Pillows, by Mai-Phuong Bui, and
FURY, by Rin Kim. Published by OTHER PUBLISHING.

Dog Pills 3 , by Eugene Terry, Ben Trogdon, and Maryjane Dunphe, published by Papertown Company & Nuts!, and Armoured Horse, by Eugene Terry, published by Papertown Company.

Woof, by Jackson Krule, El Mirador, by Sam Youkilis, A Climate of Possibility, by Chad Moore. Published by Pomegranate Press.

Fanzines #3, by Brad Elterman. 

POST POST, by Ivana Boullon, Muriel Bellini, Andrea Dasil, Rip Gordon, Coni Marchini, Jo Murúa, Santiago Paredes, Florencia Pernicone, Feli Punch, Purazangre, Luxy Shangai, Juan Vegetal. Published by Proyecto Piraña.

The Insatiable, published by RANDOM MAN EDITIONS & Hyperlink Press.

Spiral, by Jenny Monick, co-published by RITE Editions and Space Sisters Press, and Steven Leiber Catalogues, co-published by RITE Editions and Inventory Press.

Erwin Wurm Photographs, by Erwin Wurm, and Everyones’ Photo Any Licence (1,190,505 Full Moons on Flickr), by Penelope Umbrico. Published by RVB Books.

Honey Bees, published by SIB SIB Books.

The Saddest Thing is That I Have Had to Use Words: A Madeline Gins Reader, with Lucy Ives. Published by siglio.

Ark of Martyrs, by Allan DeSouza. Published by Sming Sming Books + Wolfman Books.

Excerpts from the 1971 Journal of Rosemary Mayer, and The World’s Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia.
Published by Soberscove. 

Per Diem: Graphics, published by Sonnenzimmer.

Unfold This Moment: The Art of Carol Bove by Martin Herbert, and Knowledge Beside Itself by Tom Holert. Published by Sternberg Press. 
Forget Me Not Zine, and Red Flag. Published by Strike Design Studio.

Midnight La Frontera, by Ken Light, and The Imperfect Atlas by Peter Funch. Published by TBW Books.

ISSUE FIVE: the THERE, THERE quarterly, featuring work by Jessica Eaton, Csilla Klenyánszki, and Ina Jang. Published by theretherenow.

PEELS, by Cheryl Donegan and Kenneth Goldsmith. Published by Three Star Books.

7,  by Eric Croes, Double Dominant, by Karl Haendel, and < by Gabriel Kuri.
Published by Triangle Books.

Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms, and Design Dedication: Adaptive Mentalities in Design EducationPublished by Valiz. 

House of Double & DUM MUD by Patrick Jackson and PROP SHOP by Patrick Jackson. Published by Visible Publications.

DMZ Colony, by Don Mee Choi, Prose Architectures, by Renee Gladman, Scenes of Life at the Capital, by Phillip Whalen. Published by Wave Books.

The Odd Years by Morgan Bassichis. Published by Wendy’s Subway.

Black Aesthetic Season III: Black Interiors, Ark of Martyrs, and New Life: Issue 6. Published by Wolfman Books.

Spring 2020, Volume 22 Issue 3, of X-TRA Magazine. 

Spiritual Pilgrimage. Published by Zine Club. 

MP.19 by / with Matt Paweski, and Idea Art for Kids by / with Mark A. Rodriguez. Published by Zolo Press.