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APRIL 3–5, 202





Opening Night: April 2
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012


April 3-5, 2020
Opening Night: April 2

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

April 3 — 5, 2020


Capricious Publishing & Company Gallery

              Capricious Publishing & Company Gallery present artist Jonathan Lyndon Chase in conjunction with the release of a new experimental book series. The dual release of  "The Haunting of the Seahorse" and "wild wild Wild West" by Jonathan Lyndon Chase will be accompanied by an immersive installation and limited edition prints/drawings by the artist. This new work illustrates black queer bodies moving through fluid states of love, grief, and desire within the canons of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Jonathan entangles the abstract and physical to draw out complex histories of blackness, meditations on mental health, and queer futurity. Jonathan Lyndon Chase is an interdisciplinary artist living in Philadelphia, PA and principally working in modes of painting, video, and sculpture.

Chandran Gallery

            Chandran Gallery presents an interactive pop-up book installation and editions by NYC-based artist and skateboard icon, Mark Gonzales. Established in 2013, Chandran Gallery has been a space of experimental and traditional art exhibitions, as well as a publisher of books and limited edition artist-made goods. Mark Gonzales has been at the forefront of skateboarding and underground art’s emergence in the contemporary art world. From drawings to paintings, performance art to zines and books, Gonzales’s unique language and visual identity often explores freestyled feelings and emotions toward art. 

Dirty Looks

                Dirty Looks presents Dirty Books, a teaser for their 31-day On Location Festival hitting L.A. streets every night of July. Serving a hard wink towards the XXX magazines and home video sleaze emporiums of yesteryear, this installation is a collaboration between Dirty Looks, the LA Art Book Fair, and Eric Schum Studio.


            Gagosian presents Larry’s Poster Shop in a nod to Larry Gagosian's Los Angeles roots. Featuring special-edition, artist-made posters alongside an archive of gallery posters and current publications, Larry’s Poster Shop pays homage to the unique trajectory that the gallery has taken since its founding, and underscores the continuing resonance of Gagosian’s original milieu with its current artists and approach. Celebrating a spirit of creative pluralism that distinguished LA in the 1970s, the presentation recalls a time when the popular and the rarified informed one another, and aesthetic and conceptual distinctions between them began to erode and collapse.

Southland Institute

           Southland Institute (for critical, durational, and typographic post-studio practices) presents documentation of recent interconnected programming dedicated to exploring, identifying, and implementing meaningful, sustainable, and accessible alternatives in design and art education in the United States. Southland’s programs include typography workshops, in-depth discussion and critique of texts, partnering with local arts organizations, and a curriculum gleaned from public events and resources at area institutions.

Three Star Books

              Three Star Books present new and exciting projects by artists Frank Benson, Cheryl Donegan with Kenneth Goldsmith, Cyprien Gaillard, Jonathan Monk, and Raffaella della Olga. Frank Benson will introduce CATALOG 1, a unique way to apprehend the artist’s precise elaboration of four sculptures, including Juliana. Cheryl Donegan has partnered with poet Kenneth Goldsmith for PEELS, an extraordinary volume that combines Donegan’s colorful visual work with Goldsmith’s attitude. Cyprien Gaillard will present NIGHTLIFE, an outstanding corpus of over five hundred and eighty night photographs from 2011 to 2019 in three volumes printed in Sri Lanka. Jonathan Monk will introduce his new book project, The End, along with affordable unique prints. In addition, Three Star Books has invited Raffaella Della Olga to present her unique books delicately produced in her Parisian studio and entirely crafted with modified typewriters.

Werkplaats Typografie

                Werkplaats Typografie presents an outdoor interactive project especially invented for the LAABF. A part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, Werkplaats Typografie offers an internationally oriented and experimental two-year master program in Graphic Design. Werkplaats Typografie is centered on research driven assignments and self-initiated projects with collaborations, lectures, seminars, meetings, and readings geared towards self-accountable and independently motivated work and study.