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APRIL 3–5, 2020




Opening Night: April 2
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012


April 3-5, 2020
Opening Night: April 2

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

April 3 — 5, 2020


For LAABF 2020, Wolfman Books planned to present a performative lecture and screening to launch their new book, Black Aesthetic: Season III, edited by Nan Collymore and The Black Aesthetic Collective (TBA). The book is composed of essays, poetry, and critical responses to the third season of The Black Aesthetic Film Series—featuring work by contemporary Black California filmmakers—as well as the "Black Interiors" film series at BAMPFA—which brought to light works from the museum and film archive's collection. The culminating publication in The Black Aesthetic book series, Season III features work by Leigh Raiford, Nan Collymore, Arisa White, Michael Gillespie, Angela Hennessy and TBA itself (Leila Weefur, Ra Malika Imhotep, and Jamal Batts).

In lieu of this live program, The Black Aesthetic presents an online conversation in which the collective discusses their collaborative practice and the makings of this new publication.
︎ Link to Purchase.

Fervent Manifesto Workshop for LAABF 2020

For the LAABF Classroom series, Calipso Press had organized a fermentation workshop with their recently published artist Mercedes Villalba to launch her new book, Fervent Manifesto. In place of this program, Calipso Press, along with Oswaldo Garcia from Gold Rain, have put together a digital version of the workshop for everyone to do at home!

Mercedes Villalba’s Fervent Manifesto, speaks of how we are in times of resistance. Villalba uses nature’s resilience as inspiration for our own. Admiring nature’s refusal to ever sit still, she looks at fermentation and funghi; examples of how every surface ‘is brimming with life and time.’ ︎ Link to Purchase.

Jason Polan Drawing Club

            For many years, Jason Polan was a wonderful and important fixture at the Printed Matter Book Fairs and in our art book culture. His passing has deeply affected many of us in the Fair community. We open this year’s program in the Classroom with an event to honor Jason and his work. Please come with your memories of Jason to share and also your sketchbook. Participants are welcome to sketch while we offer some images of Jason’s voluminous drawing practice. Taco Bell will be served.

Prospects Beyond Futures, by Robert Kett

            From 1969 to 1971, Indigenous activists occupied Alcatraz Island and offered a vision of the Rock as a site of Indigenous sovereignty. At the same time, countercultural practitioners were developing their own plans for Alcatraz, rooted in emerging forms of participation and techno-utopianism. In Prospects Beyond Futures, Robert Kett revisits the encounter between these simultaneous movements to underscore their relevance to contemporary debates over design and spatial justice. This talk marks the launch of the first title in the CCA Singles series, a project produced by the Canadian Centre for Architecture with the support of the Graham Foundation and designed by NORM, Zürich.

De Aquí Para Allá / From Here to There, with Stephanie Garcia, gloria galvez, and Devon Tsuno, moderated by Lindsay Buchman

            Seaton Street Press presents a conversation centered around Stephanie Garcia’s recently published book, De Aquí Para Allá, which explores familial immigration stories through forms of correspondence and storytelling to examine political struggle and social inequality. Drawing on the topic of migration and how it relates to families—past, present, and future—in our current political climate, Stephanie Garcia, gloria galvez, and Devon Tsuno will discuss the urgency of their work in this present moment. galvez is an artist and community organizer with a background in prison abolition movement building, whose practice disrupts, subverts, and dismantles oppressive status-quo norms. Tsuno is an LA-native whose most recent work focuses on native vs. non-native plants, water, labor, and stories written by incarcerated Japanese American teenagers at the WWII Topaz concentration camp in Delta, Utah. ︎Link to Purchase

Memory by Bernadette Mayer and Excerpts from the 1971 Journal of Rosemary Mayer, with Marie Warsh and Janet Sarbanes

            The late 1960s and early 1970s were a pivotal era for women artists and writers breaking new ground and challenging the male-dominated worlds in which they lived and worked. In 1971, two sisters—Rosemary and Bernadette Mayer, then in their twenties—each kept a journal of sorts. Bernadette’s was driven by conceptual constraint and results in Memory, a monumental installation investigating the texture, surface, and material of memory, comprised of over 1100 photographs with over six hours of recorded audio. Rosemary’s was a diary that entangles the personal and the aesthetic as it details her daily life and intimately documents the early 70s downtown scene in New York City. Historian and writer Marie Warsh has been a central force in realizing these two new publications: Memory (siglio) and Excerpts from the 1971 Journal of Rosemary Mayer (Soberscove Press). She is also Bernadette’s daughter and Rosemary’s niece, with a unique vantage point into their lives and relationships. Warsh will converse with the critic and writer, Janet Sarbanes, to dive deeper into these two works, the unique relationship of the authors, and their respective contributions to culture.︎ Link to Purchase︎ Link to Purchase

World of Words, with Mariana Castillo Deball and Jesse Lerner

            Berlin and Mexico City–based artist, Mariana Castillo Deball, will be in conversation with the writer, filmmaker, and Latin American art expert, Jesse Lerner, to discuss her newest publications: Replaying Life’s Tape and Sun Ra. En algún lado y en ninguno. The artist considers publishing a central part of her practice; her artists’ books, editions, and the journal Ixiptla run parallel to her exhibition practice. In these publications, Castillo Deball makes visible her collaborative approach to knowledge, including fiction, research, and text contributions by cultural practitioners from different disciplines. Presented by BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE.︎ Link to Purchase

“Me and You and Everyone We Know”: Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Representation, with Be Oakley, Malwine Stauss, and Melek Zertal

            Johanna Maierski (Colorama) invites Be Oakley, Malwine Stauss, Melek Zertal, and others to discuss their respective publishing practices, as well as encounters with expectations of authenticity, diversity, and uncritical discourse in digital affirmation bubbles. Presented by Colorama.

Do You Compute? Selling Tech from the Atomic Age to the Y2K Bug 1950–1999, with Ryan Mungia

            Hat & Beard Press presents a slideshow with Ryan Mungia, author, co-editor, and designer of the new book, Do You Compute? Selling Tech from the Atomic Age to the Y2K Bug 1950–1999. The slideshow will highlight some of the most influential moments in computing history during the second half of the 20th century. Featuring technological innovations from robots and integrated circuits to pop cultural touchstones such as HAL 9000 and The Jetsons, this visual journey will demonstrate just how far 50 years has gotten us and how our visions of the future have changed over time. ︎Link to Purchase

Mark Gonzales!

            Join artist, poet, and skateboard icon Mark Gonzales for a performance and talk on the occasion of Chandran Gallery’s LA Art Book Fair project space installation of Gonzales’s editions and art works. Mark Gonzales has been at the forefront of skateboarding and underground art's emergence in the contemporary art world. From drawings to paintings, performance art to zines and books, Gonzales's unique language and visual identity explores freestyled feelings and emotions toward art. Presented by Chandran Gallery

Conduct Matters, or Conduct Matters, with Connie Butler, Karen Kelly, nicole killian, Jaleh Mansoor, Jeanine Oleson, and Barbara Schroeder

            Conduct Matters is a performative talk to celebrate the new eponymous book that developed from artist Jeanine Oleson’s 2017 exhibition and performances at the Hammer Museum. The artist, contributors, publishers, and designer will speak about uses of materials, language, and ethics in the project and subsequent book. A series of ensemble techniques from scripts in the book will also activate some of the ideas in the work. Presented by Dancing Foxes Press. ︎ Link to Purchase

Charles Gaines on Palm Trees and Other Works

            Charles Gaines—artist, educator, and pivotal figure in the field of conceptual art—has long employed a generative process to make art in a variety of mediums. His recent monograph, Charles Gaines: Palm Trees and Other Works, charts the evolution of the palm tree in his work from the 1980s to present day, with contributions from David Platzker and Cherise Smith. In this session, Gaines will discuss this work, the cultural and art historical contexts with which it engages, and the implications of the questions it raises. Presented by Hauser & Wirth Publishers. ︎ Link to Purchase

As Radical, As Mother, As Salad, As Shelter: What Should Art Institutions Do Now? With Anuradha Vikram, Daniela Lieja Quintanar, Kris Kuramitsu, moderated by Rachel Ossip

        Paper Monument's 2018 anthology, As Radical, As Mother, As Salad, As Shelter: What Should Art Institutions Do Now?, surveyed 30 curators on the contemporary social role and responsibilities of art institutions. Contributor Anuradha Vikram (18th Street Arts Center) and curators Daniela Lieja Quintanar (LACE) and Kris Kuramitsu (The Missing Room) will revisit the book's questionnaire in the context of LA's institutional landscape, asking: Can an art institution go from being an object of critique to a site for organizing? Should the art institution play this kind of role? And what other roles can or should it play? Presented by Paper Monument. ︎ Link to Purchase

This is Not a Gun, with Cara Levine

            Artist Cara Levine leads a workshop around “This Is Not a Gun,” a project that reflects upon the numerous objects mistaken as guns by police officers during shootings of unarmed civilians. The project opens dialogue to consider how everyday objects, such as a broomstick, bible, set of keys, iPod, sunglasses, and a pack of Skittles are transformed into ones of perceived threat through the lens of racism and power. Organized in conjunction with the book This Is Not a Gun, a collection of writings and illustrations by over thirty artists, writers, and healers. Co-presented by Candor Arts and Sming Sming Books.

John Cage: A Mycological Foray

            Atelier Éditions presents a reading and performance in the context of their newly published book, John Cage: A Mycological Foray. The publication draws readers across the idiosyncratic, mushroom-suffused, innermost landscape of celebrated American composer John Cage. Upon the remarkable journey with Cage, one encounters assorted photographs, compositions, and contemplations; all in the very same unexpected fashion, one encounters various flora and fungi species while mushroom foraging. Volume I encompasses Cage’s mycological-oriented ‘Indeterminacy’ stories, diary excerpts, and essays, as well as the complete transcript of Cage’s 1983 performance.
︎ Link to Purchase

Living Trust, with Buck Ellison and Lucy Ives

            Buck Ellison will be in conversation with author Lucy Ives to launch his first monograph, Living Trust, published by Loose Joints. Living Trust is a survey of Ellison’s recent practice which broadly investigates the language of privilege through meticulously researched images, often executed in staged settings and performative interventions into the visual language of photography. Followed by a book signing with the author. Presented by Loose Joints︎Link to Purchase

Aperture Conversations: Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Wassan Al-Khudhairi

            Aperture Conversations presents Paul Mpagi Sepuya, together with curator and editor Wassan Al-Khudhairi, for the celebration and launch of the new book, Paul Mpagi Sepuya (copublished by Aperture and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis). Although the creation of artist books has been a long-standing part of Sepuya's practice, this is the first publication of his work to be widely released. Sepuya is a Los Angeles–based artist, whose work is collected and exhibited by such institutions as MoMA and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Al-Khudhairi is chief curator at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and curator of the exhibition, Paul Mpagi Sepuya.︎ Link to Purchase

Organizing Language | Forward / Out, with Anthony Carfello, Shoghig Halajian, Suzy Halajian, and Addie Tinnell

            Join the editors of the new online journal Georgia—Anthony Carfello, Shoghig Halajian, and Suzy Halajian—and Addie Tinnell, Creative Director of Commune Magazine, for a conversation about writing and publication that highlights the overlaps and gray areas between arts and cultural production and organizing and protest practices. As Commune emphasizes and expands our understanding of creative intelligence within global movements, and Georgia investigates the contested sociopolitical functions of art and its larger reception, the discussion will be structured around comparisons, motivations, and complications. This program is presented by Georgia, at the invitation of the Southland Institute.

Sarah Charlesworth: Image Language, with Christine Robinson and Leslie Dick

            In conjunction with Printed Matter’s current exhibition, Sarah Charlesworth: Image Language (through April 19), exhibition curator Christine Robinson will lead a conversation with writer Leslie Dick and other participants. Drawing on themes from the show, the speakers will discuss the work of New York artist Sarah Charlesworth (1947–2013), including her formative involvement in art publications, her camera-based projects, and her legacy as an artist of the so-called Pictures Generation. Presented by Printed Matter, Inc.



Capricious Publishing & Company Gallery

              Capricious Publishing & Company Gallery present artist Jonathan Lyndon Chase in conjunction with the release of a new experimental book series. The dual release of  "The Haunting of the Seahorse" and "wild wild Wild West" by Jonathan Lyndon Chase will be accompanied by an immersive installation and limited edition prints/drawings by the artist. This new work illustrates black queer bodies moving through fluid states of love, grief, and desire within the canons of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Jonathan entangles the abstract and physical to draw out complex histories of blackness, meditations on mental health, and queer futurity. Jonathan Lyndon Chase is an interdisciplinary artist living in Philadelphia, PA and principally working in modes of painting, video, and sculpture.

Chandran Gallery

            Chandran Gallery presents an interactive pop-up book installation and editions by NYC-based artist and skateboard icon, Mark Gonzales. Established in 2013, Chandran Gallery has been a space of experimental and traditional art exhibitions, as well as a publisher of books and limited edition artist-made goods. Mark Gonzales has been at the forefront of skateboarding and underground art’s emergence in the contemporary art world. From drawings to paintings, performance art to zines and books, Gonzales’s unique language and visual identity often explores freestyled feelings and emotions toward art. 

Dirty Looks

                Dirty Looks presents Dirty Books, a teaser for their 31-day On Location Festival hitting L.A. streets every night of July. Serving a hard wink towards the XXX magazines and home video sleaze emporiums of yesteryear, this installation is a collaboration between Dirty Looks, the LA Art Book Fair, and Eric Schum Studio.


            Gagosian presents Larry’s Poster Shop in a nod to Larry Gagosian's Los Angeles roots. Featuring special-edition, artist-made posters alongside an archive of gallery posters and current publications, Larry’s Poster Shop pays homage to the unique trajectory that the gallery has taken since its founding, and underscores the continuing resonance of Gagosian’s original milieu with its current artists and approach. Celebrating a spirit of creative pluralism that distinguished LA in the 1970s, the presentation recalls a time when the popular and the rarified informed one another, and aesthetic and conceptual distinctions between them began to erode and collapse.

Southland Institute

           Southland Institute (for critical, durational, and typographic post-studio practices) presents documentation of recent interconnected programming dedicated to exploring, identifying, and implementing meaningful, sustainable, and accessible alternatives in design and art education in the United States. Southland’s programs include typography workshops, in-depth discussion and critique of texts, partnering with local arts organizations, and a curriculum gleaned from public events and resources at area institutions.

Three Star Books

              Three Star Books present new and exciting projects by artists Frank Benson, Cheryl Donegan with Kenneth Goldsmith, Cyprien Gaillard, Jonathan Monk, and Raffaella della Olga. Frank Benson will introduce CATALOG 1, a unique way to apprehend the artist’s precise elaboration of four sculptures, including Juliana. Cheryl Donegan has partnered with poet Kenneth Goldsmith for PEELS, an extraordinary volume that combines Donegan’s colorful visual work with Goldsmith’s attitude. Cyprien Gaillard will present NIGHTLIFE, an outstanding corpus of over five hundred and eighty night photographs from 2011 to 2019 in three volumes printed in Sri Lanka. Jonathan Monk will introduce his new book project, The End, along with affordable unique prints. In addition, Three Star Books has invited Raffaella Della Olga to present her unique books delicately produced in her Parisian studio and entirely crafted with modified typewriters.

Werkplaats Typografie

                Werkplaats Typografie presents an outdoor interactive project especially invented for the LAABF. A part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, Werkplaats Typografie offers an internationally oriented and experimental two-year master program in Graphic Design. Werkplaats Typografie is centered on research driven assignments and self-initiated projects with collaborations, lectures, seminars, meetings, and readings geared towards self-accountable and independently motivated work and study.


The Contemporary Artists' Books Conference is organized by art librarians and professionals in the field, with sessions that cover a range of topics from artists, scholars, and other leading figures.

This year’s conference was slated to feature a keynote address by Kameelah Janan Rasheed exploring the notion of books as objects of perceived finality in relation to ideas of incompleteness, revision, and reinterpretation over time. Kimi Hanauer, Bomin Jeon, and Arianne Edmonds were to join the conversation and examine the intersection of archiving and publishing practices as they relate to themes of community.

In place of this planned program, we have included full audio from Rasheed’s recent launch of her Printed Matter publication, No New Theories, in conversation with Jessica Lynne, co-founder of the art criticism journal ARTS.BLACK. The book is available for purchase here.

The Conference is organized by the CABC Committee
Megan Sallabedra, Getty Research Institute
Lea Simpson, UCLA, MLIS 2021
Farris Wahbeh, Whitney Museum of American Art
Dianne Weinthal, UCLA, MLIS 2020
Stephanie Williams, UCLA, MLIS 2021

Kameelah Janan Rasheed (b. 1985) is a Brooklyn-based learner from East Palo Alto, CA. She is invested in the shifting ecosystems of Black epistemologies, or the agile relationships between the varied modes of  reading, writing, archiving, editing, translating, publishing, reflecting upon, and arranging narratives about lived Black experiences. Rasheed has exhibited at the 2017 Venice Biennale, ICA Philadelphia, Pinchuk Art Center, Brooklyn Museum, Queens Museum, New Museum, Studio Museum in Harlem, Bronx Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and The Kitchen, among others. She is the author of two artist books, An Alphabetical Accumulation of Approximate Observations (Endless Editions, 2019) and No New Theories (Printed Matter, 2020).

Bomin Jeon is a multi-disciplinary artist from Seoul, South Korea who is now based in Baltimore, Maryland. She received BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture at Maryland Institute College of Art and received France-Merrick Fellowship for 2016-2017. She is also an organizing member of Press Press, an independent publishing initiative started in 2014 by the co-organizer Kimi Hanauer.

Arianne Edmonds is a 5th generation Angeleno, storyteller, and impact professional. In 2017 she founded the J.L. Edmonds Project, an initiative dedicated to preserving the legacy of The Liberator, an early 20th-century Los Angeles African American newspaper. Ms. Edmonds has curated and exhibited her research related to Black Angeleno history, culture, memory and legacy with numerous institutional partners including the California African American Museum, LA Public Library, LA City Hall, and Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter. She was recently featured in the New York Times 1619 Project and currently works with the U.S. Census Bureau Open Innovation Lab.

Kimi Hanauer (b. 1993, Tel Aviv) is an artist, cultural organizer, and writer based in Los Angeles. Kimi is the founding editor of Press Press, a publishing studio that aims to shift and deepen the understanding of voices, identities, and narratives that have been suppressed or misrepresented by the mainstream. Her most recent project, Calling All Denizens, explores the exclusionary history of American citizenship and is published by the Women's Studio Workshop. Kimi received a BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art and is an MFA candidate at the University of California Los Angeles.


A selection of books planned to launch at the Fair, in alphabetical order according to Exhibitor name. Check back for more additions!

Virtual Studio Visit

Heather Benjamin, longtime exhibitor at Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs, shows us around her studio & talks about her recent projects and archive of zines! You can purchase her new zine, ABANDON NIGHTMARE ENERGY, by viewing the launch listing below.

Likes, by Dan Graham. Published by 303inPrint. 
Do Doves Dream? and The Psychic Said “Blossoming,” by Aidan Koch.

BOKU, by Daido Moriyama. Published by Akio Nagasawa Publishing.

Always Felt, Rarely Seen, by Nathaniel Mary Quinn, and Still Life with Radio, Farah Atassi. Published by Almine Rech Editions.

13th Floor Elevators: A Visual History by Paul Drummond, and Death Magick Abundance by Akasha Rabut. Published by Anthology Editions.

From Static Oblivion, by Ion Grigorescu, and Hence / Here ... / Or / Option, by Peter Downsbrough. Published by AVARIE.

A Fervent Manifesto, published by Calipso Press. 

Can Can Friends III,  by Extra Vitamins, Zoran Pungerčar, Rewina Beshue and Jo Minor, and Similar High Hopes, by Nicholas Law, Ryan Barone, Juan Duque, Roy Cranston, Marc Moran, and Haris Fazlani. Published by Can Can Press. 

Look At Us: Issue 4, and The Sexy Times: Issue 4. Published by Cash Machine.

To Think of Books, and Some Forms Atop Other Forms. Published by Christopher Branson. 

Upgrade Available, by Julia Christensen. Published by Dancing Foxes Press.

Minor Revelations, by Alyssa Fujita Karoui, and PERU by Linda Connor. Published by Datz Press. 

Rabbit / Hare, by David Billet & Ian Kline, Let Them Eat Cake, by Cheryl Dunn (special edition), and Entangled, by Maude Arsenault (special edition). Published by Deadbeat Club.

Reading Room, and Speed of Resin. Published by dispersed holdings. 

Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance 5th edition, and SIGNALING THE REFUSAL OF MASTERY AND AN INSISTENCE ON PROCESSING AND BECOMING. Published by GenderFail. 

The Moon Belongs to Everyone, by Stacy Mehrfar, Freedom or Death, by Gideon Mendel, and Retraced 81/19, by John Davies. Published by GOST Books.

Manny Farber: Paintings & Writings, Do You Compute? Selling Tech from the Atomic Age to the Y2K Bug 1950-1999 by Ryan Mungia, andAkikomatic: The Work of Akiko StehrenbergerMoby-Dick: Illustrated by Gilbert Wilson. Published by Hat & Beard Press.

Richard Jackson, with John C. Welchman and Dagny Janss Corcoran, and Charles Gaines: Palm Trees and Other Works, with David Platzker and Cherise Smith. Published by Hauser & Wirth Publishers.


Aesthetical Relations, by Christina Catherine Martinez, and Trans Girl Suicide Museum, by Hannah Baer. Published by Hesse Press.

Fight the Power (Special Edition), and HARDCORE XXX. Published by HOMOCATS.

NICE, published by Izabel Nielsen.

Shadow Trees, The Human Touch, and Spin, by Jody Zellen.

On Death, and Wig Heavier than Boot, by David Johnson and Phillip Matthews. Published by Kris Graves Projects.  
KV 10 Years, by Yana Foqué, Ginger & Piss #5: Audience, . Published by Kunstverein Publishing.

People of the Mud, by Luis Alberto Rodriguez. Published by Loose Joints. 
Why, La Vie 100 Soucis, Bonne Nuit Pauul,Larmes et Crustacés. Published by Margaux Bigou.

The Halifax Conference, and Lucy Lippard: I See / You Mean. Published by New Documents. 

Spring Pillows, by Mai-Phuong Bui, and
FURY, by Rin Kim. Published by OTHER PUBLISHING.

Dog Pills 3 , by Eugene Terry, Ben Trogdon, and Maryjane Dunphe, published by Papertown Company & Nuts!, and Armoured Horse, by Eugene Terry, published by Papertown Company.

Woof, by Jackson Krule, El Mirador, by Sam Youkilis, A Climate of Possibility, by Chad Moore. Published by Pomegranate Press.

Fanzines #3, by Brad Elterman. Published by Printed Matter, Inc.

POST POST, by Ivana Boullon, Muriel Bellini, Andrea Dasil, Rip Gordon, Coni Marchini, Jo Murúa, Santiago
Paredes, Florencia Pernicone, Feli Punch, Purazangre, Luxy Shangai, Juan Vegetal. Published by Proyecto Piraña.

Spiral, by Jenny Monick, co-published by RITE Editions and Space Sisters Press, and Steven Leiber Catalogues, co-published by RITE Editions and Inventory Press.

Erwin Wurm Photographs, by Erwin Wurm, and Everyones’ Photo Any Licence (1,190,505 Full Moons on Flickr), by Penelope Umbrico. Published by RVB Books.

Honey Bees, published by SIB SIB Books.

The Saddest Thing is That I Have Had to Use Words: A Madeline Gins Reader, with Lucy Ives. Published by siglio.

Ark of Martyrs, by Allan DeSouza. Published by Sming Sming Books + Wolfman Books.

Excerpts from the 1971 Journal of Rosemary Mayer, and The World’s Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia.
Published by Soberscove. 

Per Diem: Graphics, published by Sonnenzimmer.

Unfold This Moment: The Art of Carol Bove by Martin Herbert, and Knowledge Beside Itself by Tom Holert. Published by Sternberg Press. 
Forget Me Not Zine, and Red Flag. Published by Strike Design Studio.

Midnight La Frontera, by Ken Light, and The Imperfect Atlas by Peter Funch. Published by TBW Books.

ISSUE FIVE: the THERE, THERE quarterly, featuring work by Jessica Eaton, Csilla Klenyánszki, and Ina Jang. Published by theretherenow.

PEELS, by Cheryl Donegan and Kenneth Goldsmith. Published by Three Star Books.

7,  by Eric Croes, Double Dominant, by Karl Haendel, and < by Gabriel Kuri.
Published by Triangle Books.

Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms, and Design Dedication: Adaptive Mentalities in Design EducationPublished by Valiz. 

House of Double & DUM MUD by Patrick Jackson and PROP SHOP by Patrick Jackson. Published by Visible Publications.

DMZ Colony, by Don Mee Choi, Prose Architectures, by Renee Gladman, Scenes of Life at the Capital, by Phillip Whalen. Published by Wave Books.

The Odd Years by Morgan Bassichis. Published by Wendy’s Subway.

Black Aesthetic Season III: Black Interiors, Ark of Martyrs, and New Life: Issue 6. Published by Wolfman Books. 

Spiritual Pilgrimage. Published by Zine Club. 


A selection of musicals acts originally planned for the Fair, with dublab, Junior High, KCHUNG Radio, and Printed Matter with Noah Klein

dublab, an LA-based non-profit community radio station, originally partnered with Printed Matter to organize a series of musical acts for LAABF’s Opening Night. In place of these performances, mmarz and Maral + Annapurna have put together two new mixes to share online.

Maral and Annapurna present a collaborative audio-video mix that draws inspiration from their respective Iranian and Indian cultural backgrounds, as well as their overarching musical influences. This mix includes 3 unreleased tracks and some favorites from Maral’s recent mixtape release. You can also listen to audio only through the Printed Matter Mixcloud. ︎

Los Angeles-based music collective mmarz is proud to present an exclusive mixtape for Printed Matter, to provide escape during turbulent times. By turns joyful and contemplative, this mix features a globe-trotting blend of downtempo, jazz fusion, ambient and electronic — selected by mmarz’s residents: Max Salty, Ruling Planet, Saffron, Radha and Zach. If you enjoy the diversity of sounds here, check out their website at for a whole library of mixes to help see you through the next while. ︎

In place of their line-up, Junior High presents a playlist featuring bands and songs all about Los Angeles. Listen Here ︎ 

Weekend performances, organized by Printed Matter with Noah Klein

Nailah Hunter
Batry Powr (Nicole of Hundred Waters)
Taraka (of Prince Rama)
V Vale (solo piano)
Takako Minekawa (DJ set)